Operatory Packages

Pelton & Crane offers the broadest portfolio of products on the market today for all of your operatory needs. From the integrated KaVo Estetica Treatment Unit for the total-solutions provider to our premium Pelton & Crane products, we have a solution for you. We make it easy with our fully-equipped and customizable Operatory Packages, whether you’re building out a whole new office or filling in that un-used operatory.

The Premier Operatory features our premium Spirit 3300 dental chair, Helios 3000 Light, and our 3000 Spirit Delivery units. Combined with our Centennial 2 and Caseworx Cabinetry Collection, this package can be configured to tailor your specific office design and workflow needs. Ergonomic design, exceptional patient comfort, and a beautiful aesthetic makes the Premier package a true reflection of your success

Featuring modular cabinetry design, ergonomic and comfortable seating and a variety of delivery unit options, the Advantage package features our Spirit 1800 dental chair and Helios 1800 light, Spirit 2000 delivery units, and our Centennial 2 and Casework Cabinetry line.

Get the functionality you need with the feature you want in our Essential Operatory collection. Choose from your preferred Spirit 1700 model chair and Spirit 1500 delivery units to complement our powerful Helios 1800 light and the streamlined, modern look of our Millenium cabinet line.

Combining technology, quality and affordability is the Pelton Essential package, offering a wide variety of options at a great value for any budget. This package features the Spirit 1700 chair, Helios 1800 Light, Alliance 1200 delivery units and our functional and modular Millennium cabinetry line.

As part of KaVo Kerr, Pelton & Crane is proud to offer the KaVo Estetica Treatment Unit, bringing years of KaVo experience and innovation to North America. This single, integrated treatment unit is designed for the doctor who offers a variety of dental procedures to make the center of their surgical suite.