Product Portfolio

The broadest portfolio of dental operatory equipment solutions for every stage of your career.

Since 1900, Pelton & Crane has been innovating the dental equipment industry with products ranging from entry-level operatory packages to high-end premium products- all designed with the dentist in mind for improved ergonomics, efficient workflow, and patient comfort. Whether you’re just getting started or building your dream practice we have a solution for you.

Dental Chairs

Pelton & Crane’s line of Spirit dental chairs offer a wide variety of options and features to fit your needs. Designed with the ergo-nomics for practitioners of any stature in mind, each model boasts thoughtful design to help improve workflow and ensure patient comfort.

Delivery Systems

Your dental delivery system represents the core of what you in the operatory- the better suited your unit it to your methods, the more efficient your workflow. Pelton & Crane’s extensive selection of delivery units will fit any style or preference of dentistry, integrating key technology, ergonomic functionality, and customization to fit your needs.

Dental Lights

Pelton & Crane’s line of Helios LED Dental lights are designed to help you see- better. Boasting patented reflective technology, crisp light patterns, and flexible mounting options, there's an option for any operatory layout or preference.

Dental Cabinets

Choose from a variety of cabinetry that not only suits your operatory needs, but reflects the style and aesthetic of your office. With thoughtful design and ergonomic features, our line of Operatory and Sterilization cabinets will be the focal point of your office.

Waterline Treatment Solutions

Health and good hygiene start with the water in your office- invest in a high-quality system to ensure you are maintaining the level of water quality needed to provide safe and healthy treatments to your patients.

Operatory Packages

Whether you’re building a new practice or outfitting an empty operatory, Pelton & Crane makes it easy with our configurable packages. Build the chair, unit, light and cabinet options you need based on your preference, style or budget.